Crafts Ideas For a Wooden Clothes Peg

    by Ann Johnson

    About the Author

    Ann Johnson has been a freelance writer since 1995. She previously served as the editor of a community magazine in Southern California and was also an active real-estate agent, specializing in commercial and residential properties. She has a Bachelor of Arts in communications from California State University, Fullerton.


    Our great-grandmothers used wooden clothes pegs to hang clean laundry on the clothesline to dry. Eventually, a clothes pin was designed that pinched open and closed. After the clothes dryer was invented, those who continued to use clotheslines used the new pins while the old, wooden clothes pegs became obsolete. Since then, crafty people have explored new ways to use the peg-style pin.

    Reindeer Ornament

    Make reindeer Christmas tree ornaments by strategically piecing together three wooden clothes pegs. Glue together two clothes pegs, side by side, to fashion the four legs of the reindeer. Turn the third clothes peg upside down and glue it onto the legs to create the head and antlers of the reindeer. Paint the round end of the top clothes peg red for a Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer-like nose. Paint eyes onto the face or glue on googly eyes. Paint the bottom tips of the clothes pegs to indicate hoofs. Glue on a small yarn ball or pom-pom as a tail.

    Clothes Peg Dolls

    Make small dolls using wooden clothes pegs. Begin by painting the round end of the clothes peg for the face of the doll. Glue on small beads or hoops for earrings, along with yarn for hair. Add fashionable hats using pieces of felt or stiff lace and tiny feathers. Make the clothing from fabric scraps and use pipe cleaners to give the doll bendable arms that can hold objects. The doll might be a bride, farmer, pilgrim or whatever sparks your imagination.

    Snow Skier Ornament

    Make a snow skier ornament by piecing together a wooden clothes peg, two wooden ice cream sticks, two wooden kabob skewers, a pipe cleaner, felt, glue and paint. Paint the clothes peg to resemble a snow skier, with the round end of the peg as the head. Glue on a small, felt ski cap. Drill a small hole below the round end of the peg to insert pipe cleaners for the skier's arms. Cut one end of the skewers, so they will be flat on one end and the appropriate length to use as ski poles for the skier. Glue the ice cream sticks on to the peg as skis. Wrap the skier's pipe-cleaner hands around the ski equipment to finish off the ornament.