Crafts for Daisy Girl Scouts

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    Daisies are the youngest Girl Scouts, those in kindergarten and first grade. As with older Girl Scouts, Daisies learn about nature and science, go on trips, make craft projects and learn about their communities. Daisies can receive participation patches like older Girl Scouts but earn "learning petals" rather than badges. Learning petals are different colors and mean different things. For example, yellow petals reflect lessons about friendship, and red petals are about being strong and courageous. Help your Daisies with crafts so they can earn their petals.

    Daisy Petal Tote

    Have the girls make Daisy tote bags using plain tote bags and craft foam. Buy a number of flat, oval craft foam pieces in a range of colors. Instruct the girls to lay out a flower blossom on the totes, using the craft foam pieces as petals, and glue the pieces in place with a hot glue gun. Alternatively, give the girls the totes and just one foam piece. As they each earn a Daisy petal, they can add a foam piece to their tote.

    Daisy Tray Favors

    Have your Daisies create daisy tray favors for nursing home residents. Buy packs of cards from craft websites or make your own. Use plain or colored cards; plain cards may be painted or colored with markers or crayons. Provide a tracing or have the girls sketch a smiling daisy on the cards, or use craft foam pieces to glue a daisy on each card. Tell the girls to write "A Daisy Smile for You!" or a similar phrase on the cards.

    Daisy Courage Crowns

    Help your Daisies make crowns to show off their scouting accomplishments or to earn the "Courageous and Strong" red daisy petal. Purchase crown packets from online craft sites or make your own using construction paper. Cut 2-inch-wide strips from blue construction paper. Cut the strips longer than necessary and adjust them as you fit the crowns on the girls' heads. Have the girls glue smiling Daisy craft foam pieces around the crowns interspersed with courageous sayings such as "I can stand tall" and "I am brave at the doctor."

    Self-Respect Magnet

    Teach the girls about self-respect with a magnet craft. Buy small magnetic mirrors and glue flower craft foam pieces to an upper corner to make a daisy flower face. Glue googly eyes to the face and add inspirational sayings on small circular pieces of craft foam, such as "I see a great smile" or "I see a smart girl." Magnet kits may be purchased from craft websites as well.

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