Craft Ideas Using Flat Glass Marbles

    by Tanya Watkins

    About the Author

    Tanya Watkins is a software support technician, software trainer, documentation specialist, fundraising consultant, and first-time mom. She has written several articles geared around technology, home improvement projects, and lessons learned by a new mother. Her 12 years of experience in computer software and support, mold the content of her articles.


    Flat glass marbles are a whimsical item for decorating your home. They have all the great qualities of marbles while maintaining a flat surface on one side, and a rounded side on the other. Unlike traditional marbles, flat marbles are useful for craft projects because they can easily be secured to flat surfaces with adhesive. From picture frames to pencil holders to unique vase filler, flat glass marbles are an all-purpose craft material.

    Picture Frames

    If you are looking for a good way to jazz up your favorite picture frame, consider using flat glass marbles. Using craft glue, apply the glue to the flat side of the marble. Place the marble, and push down on the frame to secure. Use marbles that are all the same color to create a uniform look, or marbles in different colors to create a customized, designer look. Flat marbles can be used for mirrors, window frames or any other item that needs new life.

    Vase Filler

    Although flat glass isn’t globular, it works just as well as a vase filler. Fill the vase about a quarter full of the marbles. Stick the flower and greenery stems into the marbles to hold them. Fill the vase with water. To create a fun way to bring light and color into a room, fill a glass vase, jar, bottle or any other items full of flat marbles. Alternate jars with different colored marbles to coordinate with your room. Glass marbles capture the light and bring out a wonderful airy quality.


    Make your own magnets by securing one flat glass marble to adhesive magnet stripping. Place your marble on the stripping and trace the marble on top of the stripping. Cut the circle out, and then secure the magnetic circle to the marble using the sticky-surfaced backing. For a longer magnet, place three marbles on the stripping.

    Pencil Holder

    Need a new way to give your pencil holder new life? Buy your favorite color of flat glass marbles. One at a time, apply craft glue to the back of each marble. Place your marble, and press to secure to the pencil holder. Cover all sides except the bottom of the pencil container.


    Clear flat glass marbles can be a new item to use to create jewelry. Affix colorful pictures to the bottom of the glass marbles coated with light glue to protect the back of the picture. Use a hot glue gun to attach the photo-backed marbles to a wide ribbon. Tie the ribbon around your wrist as a bracelet or around the crown of a hat for decoration.