Costume Ideas for Teachers

    by Daniel Ketchum

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    If you're a teacher in search of the right costume to wear on Halloween or for a fall carnival celebration at your school, the ideal costume might just be the one that relates to what you teach. You can opt to buy a costume from a costume shop or online or make your own. Whatever route you take, remember to choose a costume that is both comfortable and appropriate.

    Wear What You Teach

    One way to gain your students' attention and get them thinking about what they've been learning is to create a costume that relates to what they have been studying in class. If you are a math teacher, this might mean wearing cutouts of numerical equations on your clothes. Geography teachers could also wear the globe, with prints of places the class have explored or with continent cutouts attached.

    Famous Characters from Literature or History

    Basing your costume on a figure from history or literature can bring the stories or events alive for your students. You can act out the historic events that earned the figure a place in your curriculum, or you can recite passages spoken by the literary character. For example, you could dress up as George Washington and give the farewell address or recite some of Puck's lines from “A Midsummer Night’s Dream.” For teachers in lower grades or preschools, think about Cinderella, Snow White, or one of the monsters from "Where the Wild Things Are."

    Class-Made Costume

    Another possibility is to let your students help design your costume. This can be a particularly fun for younger students. They can help you recreate a character from a book, or they can even create a brand-new character drawn from imagination. For example, you might choose to be a tree in an animal habitat. Your students could draw the animals, as well as the leaves and fruit that will cover the tree. Wear a brown tee and pants. Students could even design a hat with branches sticking out to form the basic structure of your tree. Next, pin or tape together the design and be sure to take lots of pictures.

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