Construction Theme Art Activities for Preschool

    by Sarah Schreiber

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    Large construction equipment, such as bulldozers, cranes and dump trucks, often fascinate young children. If you’re having a construction-themed lesson at your preschool, there are a number of art activities that can tie in well to your lesson plans. With some simple preparation and the right supplies, your preschoolers should have a blast creating and playing with these art projects.


    For a project idea that will work well in a classroom setting, build a small city, with each child contributing a building or two. The project will require a bit of prep work on the part of teachers but should be worth it in the end. Take different sized boxes such as cereal boxes, pasta boxes and milk cartons. Stuff them with newspaper to help them hold their shape. Coat thin strips of newspaper with decoupage mix, and paste them to the boxes until covered. Once they are dry, you can pass the boxes out to the class and instruct them to paint the boxes like a building. Students can paint details, such as windows, or form them from pop ice sticks and glue them on. Assemble all the buildings in one spot to create a city from your buildings. Pair this activity with a lesson or video about the construction of buildings.

    Dump Truck

    Dump trucks are common on construction sites. It’s easy for kids to create their own with a bit of preparation from an adult beforehand. This makes a good project for a small group of preschoolers or a group with a small student to adult ratio. You’ll need paint, plastic foam or paper egg cartons and glue. Be sure to have one egg carton for each student. Cut the cartons into proper sections before passing them out to each student. One-third of the top will form the dump truck bed, while two sections of the egg cups will form the wheels and cab. As you’re doing the project, instruct students on how to properly glue the sections together. It may be helpful to make one as a demonstration first. After the kids assemble their trucks, they can paint them.

    Construction Collage

    Make a collage with different construction-themed items. For a big class, pass out coloring pages of items such as hard hats, construction workers, bulldozers, hammers, buildings and other things that would fit in with the theme. Have the children color or paint the items. Cut them out and display on a bulletin board in the classroom. Another variation on this project would be to collect enough magazines related to building and construction and have the children cut out different items and glue them to a piece of paper.

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