How to color salt with chalk for sand art

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    Although sand is the typical ingredient for making sand art, salt works equally well. One benefit of using salt instead of sand is the ability to add color to the white granules. Coloring your own salt is also an economical choice because you can color common table salt with chalk instead of purchasing pricier colored sand from a craft store.

    Things You'll Need

    • Newspaper or butcher paper
    • Table salt
    • Colored chalk
    • Resealable baggies or jars with lids

    Cover a table or countertop with newspaper or butcher paper to protect it from discoloration or scratches.

    Pour a small pile of salt onto the paper. Use the amount of salt you wish to have of the particular color. For example, if you want 1 cup of pink-colored salt, pour a little more than 1 cup of salt onto the surface.

    Select a piece of chalk. Lay it on its side and rub it over the salt. Work the chalk over the salt until the salt is the color you wish to achieve.

    Pick up the newspaper or butcher paper, creating a funnel with the paper through which the salt will flow.

    Position the funnel over a resealable plastic bag or a jar. Pour the salt into the container and seal it.

    Continue with the remaining salt and colors you wish to create until you have a selection of colored salt for your project.

    • If your children are old enough, they can participate in this project. While the components are non-toxic, they could prove messy if you take on this project with toddlers.

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