Cheap Homemade Wedding Favor Ideas

    by Ann White

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    Ann White is a freelance journalist with prior experience as a Corporate and Business Attorney and Family Law Mediator. She has written for multiple university newspapers and has published over 300 articles for publishers such as EHow and Garden Guides. White earned her Juris Doctor from Thomas Jefferson School of Law and a Bachelor of Arts in English literature.


    Once you've tallied up the cost of the wedding venue, your attire and accessories and all the other wedding expenses, your budget might be wearing kind of thin by the time you reach the favors. While this day is certainly special, there are ways to reduce the expenses and alleviate the financial burden. One of the options is to make homemade wedding favors instead of purchasing pre-made favors.

    Candy, Cookies or Chocolates

    Candy, cookies and chocolates are wedding favor classics. You can purchase colorful candies, heart-shaped chocolates in bulk or go shopping for discounts and sales on your favorite sweet treats. If you have the time available, consider using a special family recipe for cookies, chocolates or even tarts and explaining the significance of this favor on the packaging. You can also give a token gift that guests can enjoy the next morning with their coffee. Chocolate-dipped spoons can be made with little effort or cost. Pick up disposable spoons in your wedding colors, or silver and gold, dip in melted chocolate and wrap when the treat cools. Alternatively, once the spoon is dipped in melted chocolate, you can enhance the spoons by dipping them in sprinkles, nuts or spices.

    Popcorn Balls

    Both thrifty and creative, popcorn balls offer a delicious snack for guests. You can use an ordinary popcorn ball recipe or customize it to fit the occasion. Consider using food coloring to match the balls to the wedding colors, or press the hot popcorn mixture into mini cake molds to form shapes such as hearts, flowers or butterflies. If you're looking for a favor a little sweeter than popcorn, make the same gift from homemade crisped rice treats instead. When the treats are prepared and cooled in shapes, melt some chocolate or colored candy melts and dip half of each one in to make the treats even more delicious.

    Birdseed Feeders

    Birdseed feeders are a useful and creative present. For these charms, mix 1 cup of birdseed with two frothy-beaten egg whites and press the mixture into oven-safe molds. Use a pen to poke a hole in the tops for a ribbon, and bake at 250 degrees Fahrenheit for an hour. Let them cool, then thread ribbon with a custom card stock monogram through each of the holes. If you have a little extra time and a smaller guest list, make miniature birdhouses instead. Just build the shape from wood sheets from the craft store or 1/4-inch-thick wood and glue, screw an eyelet screw in the top of each one and attach a ribbon. Paint the houses to coordinate with your wedding's color scheme or leave the houses a natural wood color.

    Seeded Place Cards

    For the environmentally conscious couple, send guests away with a gift that will last a lifetime. Construct the overall design of the place cards any way you like, and choose a distinct shape to glue onto each card. Using either recycled or rice paper, cut out the shapes for each card. Purchase a sufficient amount of flower seeds to place a small amount on each shape. For example, if using wild flower seeds, only five to eight are necessary. Utilizing a washable, clear-drying glue, lightly cover the shape cutouts and sprinkle the seeds on top. Let dry overnight, and then glue onto the place cards. Give planting instructions on the back of the cards.


    Packaging for your favors can also be affordable. Simple white boxes can be ordered online; then customize them with craft items such as ribbons or beads. Tulle, cellophane or tissue paper can be used to wrap favors. Finally, top off these delightful packages with customized monogram cards, designed and printed from home. Card stock or scrapbook paper can add a professional touch that will have guests wondering where the favors were purchased.


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