Cheap Dress Up Ideas for a Superhero Day

    by Contributing Writer


    Halloween only happens once a year, but you never know when a theme party or costume contest will require you to dress up like a superhero. Creating your own superhero costume can be a fun and relatively inexpensive alternative to expensive store-bought costumes. With supplies you already own, you can replicate your favorite superhero, or create your own, and be the life of your next superhero get-together.

    Blanket Cape

    The most important superhero accessory is undoubtedly a cape that billows out behind you as the wind blows. A bed sheet is a superhero-worthy cape -- it's light enough to trail in the breeze as you run, but sturdy enough to provide a perfect backdrop for your best superhero pose. You can turn any extra unfitted bed sheet into a costume-worthy cape by tying two of the corners together around your neck. To make the cape a little more elaborate, cut it to twice the width of your shoulders. Measure your height from neck to ankle and add two inches to obtain the length. Fold over the top edge of the fabric, slide a length of ribbon in the fold and sew the rough edge of the fold to complete the cape.

    Cloth Mask

    The last thing any Superhero can afford is the release of her secret identity. A mask that conceals that identity can be made from the sleeve of a T-shirt you no longer wear. Cut the sleeve off around the seam, then cut two eye holes in the broadest side of it. Slide the sleeve over your head, and place it so you can see out the eye-holes. If the ends aren't quite long enough to tie behind your head, just sew a length of ribbon to each end and tie the ends in a bow. This mask provides the same effect that you might get from a more expensive store-bought mask, but now you can make and customize your own with glitter, fabric paint or decals, too.

    Shorts and Long Johns

    Most superheroes wear a skin tight jumpsuit, but they are expensive and don't offer a lot of warmth to us mortals on a cold Halloween night. Rather than covering up your costume with a coat, use full-body long johns or thermal top and bottoms that are the same color to create the effect of a jumpsuit while staying warm, and without breaking the bank. Wear a pair of underwear over the top of the long johns to make your suit look more like some of fiction's classic superheroes. Alternatively, throw on a pair of leggings or stockings and wear a bodysuit over top if you're creating a costume in warmer weather.

    Markers and Cut-Outs

    It might not be bulletproof, but drawing your own insignia on your uniform can still make you look like a superhero. Use markers and draw your logo across the chest of whatever you will be turning into your uniform. You can also create the insignia on a piece of paper, cut it out, then affix it to your costume with tape or safety pins. This makes it easier to imitate you favorite superheroes that have similar insignias, or makes the superhero of your own design more memorable. To make the insignia more stylish, skip the markers and use stencils and fabric pens or paints instead.


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