Ceramic Tile Crafts for Kids

    by Janice Fahy

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    Some of the best craft projects for small kids involve ceramic tiles. Children don't get to work with this medium as much as they do other softer materials. A number of cute, functional objects--sure to better withstand the ravages of time than crafts made from paper or other less sturdy substances--can be constructed with tile. This makes it a great choice for kids to use to make special crafts for friends or family members. Ceramic tiles of all shapes, colors, and sizes can be purchased at any home improvement store or craft center.

    Tile Plant or Candle Holder Craft

    This easy-to-make ceramic tile craft is great for young kids because only one part of it requires adult help. You'll need the following materials to get started: a 6-inch by 6-inch unglazed ceramic tile of any color, marbles, white wood glue, and permanent markers. Let each child use the markers to decorate the tile as he or she wishes. If it's a gift, have the child write his name and a brief message on the bottom of the tile. Once the tile has dried, turn it upside down and use the glue to affix a marble to each corner. Apply pressure until the marbles are stuck, then allow to dry at least four hours. When the marbles are completely set, turn the tile back over. It can be used as table protector for hot dishes or a holder for a plant or candle.

    Mosaic Ceramic Tile Flowerpot Craft

    This fun and fancy ceramic project is great for all ages. You will need a flowerpot of any size, small tiles in as many colors as you'd like to use, tile grout, a plastic knife, and a sponge. Cover the area where the work will be done with newspaper. Have the kids use the knife to completely cover the flowerpot with a thick layer of grout. While the grout is still moist, the kids can arrange the small tiles in any pattern. More grout should be used to file in the gaps between tiles. Allow the pot to dry overnight, then use the moistened sponge to clean any splatters of grout off the tile.

    Ceramic Tile Painting Craft

    Ceramic tile painting is a very easy craft for kids. With the proper materials, no kiln is necessary to produce decorative tile art. For this project, get some bisque tiles to use as canvas; bisque tile holds paint well. You will also need acrylic paints, varnish, and paint brushes. Let the kids decorate the tiles with paint. It will probably take two coats to cover the tile. After the paint has completely dried, apply a layer of varnish and allow the tiles to dry overnight. The finished pieces can be used as coasters or framed and hung as art.


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