Camouflage Baby Shower Ideas

    by Cyndee Kromminga

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    Based in the Midwest, Cyndee Kromminga has been writing craft and interior design articles for 15 years. Her articles and craft designs have appeared in Crafting Traditions Magazine, Easy Holiday Crafting Series-House of White Birches Newsletter and Country Woman Christmas Books. Kromminga's education is in interior design and she has experience operating a craft and design business for more than 20 years.


    If you are planning a baby shower for expectant parents who are also outdoor enthusiasts and thrive on fishing, hunting and camping, throw them a baby shower to coordinate with their interests. Plan a shower with plenty of camouflage-inspired decorations. Dig through the garage and invest a little creativity to transform the baby shower venue, and then sit back and enjoy the surprised look of all your guests.

    Camouflage Chair Covers

    You can make camouflage covers for folding-chair backs to have your guests reclining in camouflage comfort. With a chair folded up, lay it on the back of a sheet of wrapping paper. Start halfway up on one side of the back, trace the entire chair back, adding an inch around all sides of the pattern for seam allowances. Cut out the pattern. Fold a large piece of camouflage fabric in half with right sides together and pin the pattern on top, flush against the folded edge and trace around the pattern. Cut out the sides and bottom of the fabric template -- the folded top makes the top edge of the chair cover. Sew the two side seams together, using a 1/4-inch seam allowance and leaving the bottom open. Fold the open edges a quarter inch to the wrong side and press with an iron. Fold again a 1/4-inch, press and top-stitch a hem. Place a 1-inch, gathered eyelet or ribbon trim on top of the hem, and stitch around the edge of the chair cover. Repeat for the remaining chairs and slip the chair covers over the back of the chairs.

    Camouflage Tablecloth

    Cover the party tables with a handmade, camouflage tablecloth. Start by measuring the length and width of your table. If you need to maximize the width of your cut yardage of fabric, do not put a hem on the tablecloth, but do allow for an overhang of at least 6 inches on all sides. Most party and banquet tables are long and narrow, but if you are using a round, square or special dining table, you will need to piece your fabric to size with a seam. Otherwise, the width of the fabric yardage should be sufficient for your table. Place 1-inch white, gathered eyelet or ribbon trim on top of the fabric, along the edge. Top-stitch the eyelet on all sides of the tablecloth to create finished edges.

    Camouflage Inspired Centerpiece

    Turn a simple camouflage green or camouflage print tackle box into a table centerpiece. Open the box and tuck green-and-white tissue paper inside, letting it poke up and drape over the sides like it would in a gift bag. Place a floral-foam brick inside, and cover with Spanish moss. Since you want your guests of honor to be able to use the centerpiece after the shower, do not use glue. Securing items with clear tape, wire or pins, attach small baby toys and accessories to the ends of wood skewers and insert them into the foam to create a "floral" arrangement. Since orange is a safety color for hunting, cut a 24-inch piece of 2-inch-wide orange ribbon and tie it in a bow. Attach it to a skewer and stick it into the finished arrangement.

    Camouflage Sock Corsages

    Surprise your guests with adorable, camouflage corsages. Tightly roll one hunter green sock from the toe to the cuff. At the cuff, open the sock and fold it back over the toe, letting the bud of the rolled toe peek out. Wrap a 1/2-inch-wide piece of gathered eyelet ruffle around the cuff and pin on the back with a small safety pin. Pinch the bottom of the flower and wrap a 12-inch piece of wire around bottom, leaving a 6-inch end. Wrap floral tape around the wrapped wire and the 6-inch piece to create a stem. Repeat with the other sock of the pair. Place the two sock buds together, slightly staggered, and wrap the wires together using floral tape to create one stem. Curl the ends of the wrapped stem around a pencil and tie a 12-inch piece of 1/4-inch-wide orange ribbon in a bow around the base of the flowers. Attach a miniature bobber, lure or other small outdoor item to the buds. Use corsage pins to attach the corsages to your guests. Since the corsage has been made without glue, guests may want to give their corsage to the mother-to-be. She can take the corsage apart and use the socks.


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