How to Buy Bulk Sterling Silver Jewelry Wire

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    Sterling silver jewelry wire is used to wrap wire, knit and create jewelry. It is economically feasible to buy it in bulk. A good designer will find it useful to keep a regular stock of many sizes of the wire to make findings such as ear wires, clasps, bails, and jump rings. Many wholesale suppliers now offer online ordering, and some retail outlets will offer price breaks equivalent to wholesale prices on large orders. Sterling wire is also available in bulk at jewelry finding supply stores.

    Things You'll Need

    • Wholesale license

    Sterling silver jewelry wire is sold by the gauge. Gauge, sometimes misspelled gage, refers to the thickness of the wire. The higher the number, the thinner the gauge. Twenty is the standard gauge to make eyepins for earrings. Thick 18- and 16-gauge sterling silver jewelry is for heavy duty wire sculpture pendants or large beads. Small gauges up to 24 can still be used for single-link wire wrapping. For silver wire knitting, the gauge should be 26 or higher.

    Become familiar with the terms "dead soft" and "half hard." Every time you shop for wholesale silver wire, you'll need to choose dead soft or half hard. Dead soft jewelry wire is often too soft to be easy to work. Beginners should start with half hard jewelry wire.

    Check the metal markets online to see if wholesale silver is going down or up. Buy when the price is low or at a point you can afford. Prices can change rapidly, but many wholesalers do not change their prices until the market has moved more than a few cents.

    • You may have to buy a minimum quantity to take advantage of the wholesale prices.
    • Don't be afraid to question wholesalers about the quality or purity of the wire to ensure that it is actually sterling silver and not a silver look-alike.