How to Build a Fairy Garden House

    by Beth Anderle

    About the Author

    A former Army officer, Beth Anderle has been writing professionally for many years and is an experienced freelance reporter. Anderle graduated from the University of Maine with a Bachelor of Arts in international relations and completed a Master of Divinity from Northern Baptist Theological Seminary. Her areas of interest including gardening, genealogy, herbs, literature, travel and spirituality.


    Fairy houses have become a very popular addition to gardens over the past few years. These accessories can be plain or elaborate, and add a visually pleasing element to any garden, especially miniature ones. Fairy houses are made with natural materials that are easily found in your backyard, and blend into the garden, making it look as if a fairy built the house out of items found there. Legend has it that if you place a fairy house in your garden a fairy might come and live in it, bringing luck and magic to the garden and its owner.

    Things You'll Need

    • Wood glue
    • Biodegradable milk carton, pressed paper egg carton
    • Natural items such as moss, bark, leaves, grapevine tendrils, pebbles and twigs
    • Cardboard rolls from paper towels or toilet tissue
    • Paper
    • Pencil

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    Cut holes in your carton for a door or two and some windows.

    Begin adding details to your basic structure. You can make towers out of cardboard rolls from paper towels or toilet paper, add shutters or window boxes"from small pieces of cardboard or glue two structures together to make your house look wider or taller.

    Begin gluing your natural materials to your structure in a way that pleases your eye. Try wood chips or pieces of bark for shingles, make a thatched roof from dried wheat grass or moss or build a chimney from pebbles.

    After your house dries, place it in a sheltered spot in the garden to protect it. If you like, add some tiny plants and miniature flowers around it for landscaping. You can make a pathway from pebbles and maybe even add a tiny mailbox.

    If you are feeling especially creative, make furniture for your house by buying cheap dollhouse furniture or by making your own out of twigs, wood and rocks glued or tied together.

    Leave the house alone and let the fairies find it.

    • Make sure that your glue has dried completely before you put your house outside, otherwise it might not hold together if it gets damp or wet.
    • Make sure that you do not use sharp things like staples or materials made out of plastic or non-biodegradable material that might harm any curious birds or animals that might wander by to explore the house.