How to Broomstick Lace Crochet an Afghan

    by Elaine Sewell

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    Elaine Sewell started her writing career in 1988. She owns and operates a business, has written medical and instructional articles and is now writing for e-How. She holds an Associate of Arts in liberal arts from the University of Cincinnati and a certification in mechanical drafting from the Cincinnati Institute of Technical Careers.


    Crocheting a laced broomstick afghan is relatively quick. The afghan consists of large decorative stitching that is also used for baby blanket and shawls. The procedure entails using a large knitting needle and a crochet hook to work a broomstick afghan. The uncomplicated technique requires the basic knowledge of how to crochet. This warm and cozy afghan would make a lovely gift for someone moving into a new home or for someone who is recently married.

    Things You'll Need

    • 12 skeins worsted weight yarn
    • Crochet needle, size J
    • Knitting needle ½ to 1 inch in diameter and 50 inches long.

    Begin the Broomstick Lace Crochet Afghan

    Crochet a foundation chain of multiples of five stitches with the size J crochet hook and worsted weight yarn.

    Hold a knitting needle in your left hand and the crochet hook in your right hand. Insert the crochet hook into the first stitch of the foundation chain and place the yarn over the crochet hook.

    Pull the hook and the yarn through the chain to make a long loop. Place the loop on the knitting needle. Repeat the procedure until you reach the end of the chain, working one stitch at a time.

    Crocheting the Broomstick Pattern

    Use the crochet hook to slip five loops from the knitting needle. Insert the hook through the center of the five loops.

    Yarn over the hook, drawing the yarn through the grouping. Chain one stitch at the top of the grouping then single crochet in the same chain one space five times.

    Slip five more loops from your needle. Insert the hook through the grouping and draw yarn through the center space of the loops.

    Work five single crochets in the center instead of the chain one space. Remove five more loops from your needle until you reach the end of row.

    Finish the Single Crocheting Row

    Work your row from to left to right. Inserting hook in single crochet, back loop only.

    Insert the hook in single crochet, yarn over and pull loop up.

    Place the loop on the knitting needle and repeat to the end of the row.

    Repeat the Pattern

    Repeat the crocheting broomstick pattern row.

    Repeat the single crochet row.

    Repeat until complete.

    • Preparing the foundation chain consists of forming a slip knot with yarn and inserting the crochet hook into the slip knot. Pull up the yarn strand through the slip knot and complete the first chain. Repeat the procedure until you reach the desired number of chains.