How to Bend Bamboo

    by Sharon Sweeny

    About the Author

    Sharon Sweeny has a college degree in general studies and worked as an administrative and legal assistant for 20 years before becoming a professional writer in 2008. She specializes in writing about home improvement, self-sufficient lifestyles and gardening.


    Bamboo is a renewable resource used around the world as a building material. Many people also use it as a medium for craft projects or even fine art. However, bamboo's natural strength makes it impossible to bend without first softening it in water. Once it is softened you can bend it and it will keep its shape after it dries.

    Things You'll Need

    • Fresh bamboo
    • Large tub
    • Water
    • Large piece of plywood
    • Hammer
    • Nails

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    Make a full-size drawing of the shape you want your bamboo to become. Transfer the drawing to a piece of plywood. Hammer nails every inch or so along the outline of the drawing. Hammer a second row of nails parallel to the first row. Separate the two rows of nails by slightly more than the diameter of the bamboo.

    Soak bamboo in a large tub of water for several hours, until it feels pliable.

    Grasp the bamboo firmly in both hands and gently bend until it is the shape you desire.

    Place the bent bamboo on the plywood between the nails to hold its shape until it is dry.

    • Make sure the bamboo is waterlogged enough before you start to bend it, or it will break.