How to Attach Satin Blanket Binding

    by Lisa Schwalbe

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    Satin binding covers unsightly raw blanket edges beautifully, while protecting edges from wear and adding a smooth, touchable texture. Attach satin blanket binding to give a professional-looking finish to bibs, place mats, and -- of course baby blankets. While they are a finishing touch for a project just off your needles or fresh from the sewing machine, satin binding can refurbish older items as well. Whatever your project, satin blanket binding can extend its useful life.

    Things You'll Need

    • Iron
    • Sewing machine
    • 14/90-Ballpoint needle
    • Cotton/polyester thread
    • Pins
    • Satin blanket binding

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    Heat your iron on its satin or synthetics setting with no steam. Iron the satin blanket binding, leaving the binding folded in half -- most bindings are sold with a factory crease down the center. Fold the end of the binding under 1/4 inch and press with the heated iron.

    Change the needle on your sewing machine to a 14/90-ballpoint needle. Thread your sewing machine with coordinating cotton/polyester blend sewing thread.

    Attach the satin blanket binding to your project using fine pins applied perpendicular to the edge of the binding. Pinning prevents the satin binding from slipping and puckering.

    Sew using a straight or zigzag stitch. Check to make sure the thread doesn't bunch on the underside of the project. Adjust the upper and lower thread tension if stitches are not consistent. Find instructions for adjusting tension in your sewing machine's owner's manual.

    Take the blanket out of the sewing machine. Trim the threads, but do not cut the binding. Fold the satin binding around the corner, so a neat, mitered corner forms in the front and back of your work. Pin the corner pleat in place. Back-stitch the mitered pleat in place. To finish, fold the end under 1/4 inch and sew it in place.

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