How to Apply Blanket Binding

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    Framing or edging a homemade blanket or quilt with binding is a way to set off your work. A new binding can also give a much-loved blanket an extended life and a new look. You can purchase blanket binding in a wide range of colors, widths and styles at sewing shops and craft stores. Take the blanket with you when shopping in order to select the best possible color and texture. Satin bindings are traditional for soft fabrics and cotton bindings are common on quilts.

    Things You'll Need

    • Blanket
    • Ruler or tape measure
    • Blanket binding
    • Pins
    • Sewing machine
    • Thread

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    Measure the edge of your blanket to determine how much blanket binding you need to purchase. Make sure to measure all sides and add two inches for each corner. Go to the fabric store and make your selection.

    Stitch the ends of two or more packages together -- if you need that many -- in a narrow seam to give you the length you need to apply. To reduce bulk as you apply the binding, make the seam on the diagonal.

    Pin the binding into place. Start near a corner. Leave a bit of a tail to tuck under for a finished edge. As you pin, catch both the front and back edges of the blanket binding.

    Miter the corners as you get to them. Pin along the straight edge until you come to the corner. Extend the binding past the corner far enough to make a diagonal fold. Then turn the corner. Turn the blanket over to make sure the corner looks correct. You may need to use a pin to tuck the extra hem tape into the mitered corner.

    Continue pinning the blanket binding in place until you complete all four sides. Tuck the beginning and ending edges together, and pin in place.

    Sew the binding in place. You can sew with a straight stitch or you can use a decorative stitch. Just remember to keep the stitching as straight as possible. Also, be sure to catch both the front and back sides of the hem tape in the stitching.

    • Make sure your binding is color safe and will not bleed onto the blanket when washed.