How to Add Metal Eyelets to Paper Crafts

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    Adding metal eyelets to your paper crafts adds dimension and creates interest. You can use eyelets to fasten to papers together, create holes for ribbon, or just for added pizazz. Eyelets come in all sorts of colors and shapes. You can easily find round eyelets as well as Christmas shapes, stars and hearts through most craft suppliers.

    Things You'll Need

    • Paper or card stock
    • Craft mat
    • Anywhere hole punch
    • Eyelets
    • Eyelet setter
    • Small hammer

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    Determine where you want your eyelet on the card stock. Place the anywhere hole punch on the spot, and hold it straight. Make sure to work on a craft mat.

    Take your small hammer and hit the top of the punch. It may take a few taps depending on how thick your card stock is. When you lift the punch, you should see a hole.

    Choose your eyelet. Push the eyelet through the punched-out hole. Have the decorative side of the eyelet face down toward the mat, with the fastener side facing up towards you.

    Place the tip of the eyelet setter into the center of the fastener. Hold it straight and steady. With your small hammer, tap the top of the eyelet setter. The wedged tip of your setter will push the edges of the eyelet fastener out.

    Remove the eyelet setter. Take your hammer and tap down the edges of the fastener so that they become flattened to the page.

    Flip your card stock over and check your work. You should have a fastened metal eyelet.

    • Put your mat on a hard, solid surface. It will take fewer hits to finish the job.
    • The harder you hit the eyelet, the tighter it will be fastened to your paper. If you want a swivel effect, use the eyelet setter and hammer lightly.
    • Eyelets come in a few different sizes. Not all eyelet setters work with all eyelets, but most will. Think about which sized eyelets you like best and choose an eyelet setter that works with that size.
    • When you use the anywhere hole punch, the punches can become lodged inside. Use either tweezers, bent paperclips, a punch tool or a toothpick to clear them out.