Free 3D Crafts for Kids

    by Kira Jaines

    About the Author

    Based in Arizona, Kira Jaines writes health/fitness and travel articles, volunteers with Learning Ally and travels throughout the Southwest. She has more than 16 years of experience in transcribing and editing medical reports. Jaines holds a Bachelor of Arts in telecommunications and journalism from Northern Arizona University.



    From optical illusions to street paintings, 3D art is both entertaining and educational. Use 3D crafts to teach your kids about dimension and perspective along with other spatial and math concepts. Have some fun with glue, paper, craft foam, pipe cleaners and whatever other art supplies and household items. You might be surprised at how easy it is to make 3D crafts with your kids and how many projects you can make for free.

    Patriotic Pinwheel

    Make a simple two-toned pinwheel for Independence Day festivities. Begin by gluing two square sheets of paper together (red and blue). Fold the square diagonally into a triangle--first one way, then the opposite way. Open the paper and cut along the diagonal lines two-thirds of the way to the center. Fold every other corner to the center and adhere with glue. With a rubber band, secure a toothpick to a chopstick or barbecue skewer then slide two beads onto the toothpick. Poke the toothpick through the center of the pinwheel and secure it with another bead placed over the toothpick. You may have to add a drop of glue so the bead won't slide off the toothpick. Decorate the pinwheel with glitter glue or stick-on stars.

    Christmas-Card Boxes

    With six old Christmas cards, a hole-punch, thin satin ribbon and a bit of glue, your kids can make a 3D house that doubles as a gift box. First, glue five cards shut and punch holes on the longer sides of the cards. Starting with the front of the house and one side, lace the cards together with the ribbon, continuing until you have formed a house. For the roof, punch holes along the back length of the card that has not been glued shut and lace it to the back of the house. Optionally, punch a couple of holes in the front center of the roof and house so that it can be tied shut with a ribbon to hold a gift inside.

    String of Hearts

    Dangling 3D hearts are a perfect craft for Valentine’s Day, and all you need is paper, glue and yarn. Fold a piece of paper in half three times, draw half a heart on the fold and cut it out. This will give you four hearts. Keep one as a template to make more hearts. Use the other three cut-out paper hearts to achieve a 3D effect. Spread glue on one heart, fold-side up. Fold the two other hearts in half and place them on the left and right sides of the glued heart, matching the center folds. With a length of thick yarn laid along the center line of the heart, glue the inner flaps of the second and third hearts together to secure the yarn. Glue several of these triplet heart sets onto the yarn and dangle them from ceilings, doorways or desks.