1920s-Themed Centerpieces

    by Nikki Van De Walle

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    Nikki Van De Walle began writing in 2005. She has written articles for Humber College's "Daily Planet" and Guelph-Humber's "Radix." She graduated from the University of Guelph-Humber in 2010 with honors, receiving her Honors Bachelor of Applied Arts in media studies as well as her Diploma in Journalism.



    The 1920s represent bold music and elegant events. If you are trying to recapture the feeling of the '20s, choosing the right centerpiece can help transport the venue to another time. Speakeasies, mobsters, classic cars, jazz music, cocktails, flappers, long necklaces, feathers, calla lilies and silent films were all popular throughout the 1920s and can be incorporated into centerpieces.


    Jazz music heavily influenced 1920s North American culture. To recapture the mood of the 1920s, highlight the music that defined the decade. Grand pianos and big brass instruments like the trumpet, saxophone and trombone are typically associated with jazz music. You can purchase finished centerpieces or try and assemble one yourself. A do-it-yourself option is to cut instrument shapes or musicians out of black construction board or another rigid board. The shapes may seem plain but gold fabric underneath the silhouette will stand out.


    Flowers are a traditional centerpiece and calla lilies were a popular flower choice during the 1920s. Many elegant parties used black-and-white as a color motif. Combine calla lilies with popular ladies' accessories from the 1920s in black to recapture the elegance of the era. A do-it-yourself idea is to fill a large martini glass with calla lilies, add long black ostrich feathers as accents, and hang a long pearl necklace off the lip of the glass.


    In the 1920s movies were new and exciting. Each of your tables could be represented by a popular movie or film star from the decade. Charlie Chaplin, Buster Keaton, Greta Garbo, Clara Bow and Joan Crawford were 1920s icons, and films from the era include It Happened One Night, Ben Hur, Faust, The Kid, Pandora's Box and Sunrise. Find reproductions of the movie posters and paste the images on stiff black construction board, leave enough room for a black border around the image. Add LED lights in the corners to act as spotlights to make it look like a Hollywood sign. Be careful not to make them too big or your guests will not be able to see or talk to one another.

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